West Wichita Dentist & Same Day Crowns

When you’re looking for a west Wichita dentist to assist you with same day crowns, Reflection Ridge Dental can help! Our dentists, Dr. Josh Davis and Dr. Scott Rohr, are experienced in creating your dental crown the same day, saving you time.

 Same Day Crown Process

Many of our patients live in west Wichita, and having a west Wichita dentist saves them time, and gas. Our same day crowns and restorations make dental care even more convenient. Our process starts with a patient exam. Once you are scheduled for an appointment, one of our dentists will do a thorough dental examination. Once x-rays are complete, our dentists may determine that a crown is necessary.

Traditionally this is when dentists take a dental impression of your teeth using either silicone or alginate-based materials. These materials are putty-like and “goopy” and require the patient to sit with the material in their mouths, biting down for a few minutes to get the impression. At Reflection Ridge Dental, we take digital impressions, instead of using traditional “goopy” materials. A digital impression starts with coating your teeth with a safe, tasteless powder. Then, a digital 3D camera is used to create an optical impression.

After the digital impression is complete, our dentists use state-of-the-art CAD software to design a crown that precisely fits your needs. Next, our dentists use a milling machine in our office to create the crown. In about 15 minutes, the milling machine has created your crown.

Finally, the dentist prepares the tooth for the crown, and the crown is placed on the tooth. This process eliminates the need to prepare the tooth and place a temporary crown while the final crown is manufactured in an off-site laboratory. Aside from the inconvenience, temporary crowns can pop off the tooth if the patient eats something sticky or hard. Additionally, the tooth can be sensitive until the permanent crown is placed.

This traditional process with a temporary crown requires the patient to return to the office weeks later for final crown placement. At Reflection Ridge Dental your dental exam, tooth preparation, and crown are same day, saving you time and hassle.

 Schedule Your Exam

Every crown or restoration starts with a dental exam. Contact our office to schedule your appointment and if you need a crown or restoration, we’d love to help!