Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

Do you fear going to the dentist? You’re not alone. Dental anxiety is an extremely common condition to experience—and is a serious situation.

Signs of dental anxiety

Those who fear going to the dentist tend to avoid dental visits at all costs. In some cases, patients who suffer from dental phobia may only go when forced to or while experiencing extreme pain.

If you commonly experience any of the following, you might have a dental phobia.

Dental phobias can be caused by:

Coping with dental anxiety

The first step in addressing your fears is to identify that you have a phobia. The next most important measure you can take is to discuss your anxieties with your dentist. Once we are aware of your fear, we will take every necessary step to help you feel more comfortable and less anxious about your visits.

Our approach to individualized care includes a treatment plan unique to your needs without skimping on exceptional dental care. We will walk you through each step of your appointment to help you prepare for what to expect.

Caring for your dental health

At Reflection Ridge Dental, our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to each of our patients. If you are experiencing dental anxiety, talk with our dental team about your reservations and how we can help ease your tensions. We provide an array of dental services to residents in the Wichita area, including cosmetic dentistry, restorations, laser decay removal, and more.

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