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Pregnancy and Oral Health 

Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, and some of these changes affect your oral health. Wichita family dentistry from Reflection Ridge Dental can help you maintain good oral health throughout your pregnancy. 

How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health 

Hormonal changes can cause bacteria in the gum tissue to increase, which can lead to an increase in gum disease such as gingivitis. Another condition called pyogenic granuloma can happen during pregnancy. This condition causes small red bumps on the gums that can bleed. 

Vomiting from morning sickness can cause an increase in acidity which can eat through tooth enamel causing cavities. Rinsing your mouth with a solution of one cup of water and one teaspoon of baking soda will neutralize the acid in your mouth.  

Additionally, dry mouth caused by pregnancy can also negatively affect your teeth, as saliva is a protectant against tooth decay. If you’re experiencing dry mouth, be sure to discuss safe treatment options with your dentist. 

Pregnancy cravings may cause someone to snack more often which can also lead to an increase in cavities.  

Good Oral Health Practices During Pregnancy 

According to the CDC, nearly 60-75% of pregnant women have gingivitis which is an early-stage gum disease. Practicing good oral hygiene during your pregnancy is essential to your oral health.   

 Brush your teeth thoroughly—the recommended time is two minutes—to remove most of the plaque from your teeth and the gum line.   

Continue to floss. Flossing removes the plaque in between your teeth which is about 40% of the surface of your teeth. Regular flossing and brushing are key to preventing gingivitis and gum disease. 

You should keep your dental appointments during your pregnancy, however, do inform the hygienist and the dentist that you are pregnant.  According to the American Dental Association, preventative, diagnostic (including x-rays with proper abdominal and thyroid protection), and even restorative dental treatment is safe throughout pregnancy. Reflection Ridge Dental, your Wichita family dentistry practice, can help determine safe treatments for you and your baby.

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