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Comprehensive Dental Services

We’re proud to provide comprehensive dental services to all patients at Reflection Ridge Dental.

What does comprehensive dental care consist of?

A routine dental checkup not only includes your teeth cleaning, x-rays, and cavity checks, we also assess your overall oral health. Above all, our goal is to ensure that there are no signs of inconsistencies, diseases, and other oral problems.

Our team of highly-trained hygienists don’t just clean teeth. During your appointment, we will check your teeth, gums, and bite, while recommending the best treatment options for you as an individual.

Dental services to meet your needs

In addition to regular dental checks, we provide a variety of services for your dental needs. For example, we offer One-Visit Crowns and Restorations, Dental Implants, and Laser Decay Removal.

With advanced technology in our office, we’re able to treat decay with a laser, with little to no anesthetic. In addition, we can treat most tooth restorations like fillings, crowns, and veneers in one visit, thanks to our in-house milling technology. Furthermore, we are knowledgeable in tooth replacement services and have the expertise to recommend the best treatment unique to you.

We also offer Invisalign and teeth whitening services at Reflection Ridge Dental. It’s our priority to help you achieve and maintain your best smile possible!

Schedule your next appointment with us

We’d love to serve you and your family for your comprehensive dental needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation or appointment for a regular appointment or for other dental services.

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